Chantalle Bombays

Chantalle Cattery made an interesting detour in September of 2000 when I first saw a little black ten week old kitten who was all eyes. Her name was Holiday and I thought she was one of the most gorgeous kittens I had ever seen. I fell in love with this kitten and was very lucky that Lou Keim of Bijouxcats Cattery let me have her. Holiday is a Bombay, which is a cross between a black American Shorthair and a Sable Burmese. Bombays are like sleek, miniature black panthers. They have a sensual, muscular body surrounded by a shiny patent leather coat. Their eyes are gold to copper in color and incredibly expressive. The personality of the Bombay is very similar to that of the affectionate Burmese.

I had a lot of fun with my Bombays in 2001 and 2002. I granded two Bombays of my own breeding, Chantalle's Midnight Mirla and Chantalle's Glimmer in the Darkness. Glimmer won a Regional kitten award of Eighth Best Kitten in the North Atlantic Region and Holiday made a National win of 23rd Best Cat. It was an exciting way to start out in the Bombay breed. I have retired Holiday and hope that she will have many beautiful kittens which will help me to carry my passion for this breed into the future.

Holiday as a baby at one of her first shows, the CFA International show in November of 2000.
Baby Holiday1 Baby Holiday2

Holiday at Christmas, December of 2000.
Christmas Holiday1 Christmas Holiday2

Holiday as an 8 month old Grand Champion
Holiday 5 Holiday 6

Holiday at her last show, April of 2002
Holiday 7 Holiday 8
Holiday 9 Holiday 10

Black on Black! Holiday and Glimmer in 2002.
Holiday & Glimmer Holiday Head Panther Holiday

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