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Chantalle's Giselle


Chantalle Cattery started more than 13 years ago with one Sable Burmese (Kitchin's Tasha Go-Lightly) purchased from Kitchin Cattery of Plaistow, New Hampshire.

The only cat, which I kept out of this original Burmese, was Chantalle's Giselle, making Giselle a very important cat at Chantalle Cattery.

Giselle is a sweet and gentle cat with the traditional Burmese look. Although Giselle herself is not a show cat, she has gone on to produce my first Grand Champion as well as many other beautiful and sweet kittens.

Special thanks go to Bill and Jane of Kitchin Cattery for giving me my start in Burmese and for much help through the years of learning about showing and breeding Burmese.

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GC Kitchin's Lyric of Chantalle


Lyric is the Granddaughter of my first Burmese, Tasha and was bred by Kitchin Cattery. Her mother is a girl, which I bred, named Little Bitte, who went back to Kitchin Cattery and then, in turn, Lyric came back to me.

The day Lyric came to my house she had a bold and bossy personality. Lyric demands attention and doesn't like any other cats to get in her way. At first, I wasn't quite sure what to make of this loving, yet strong-willed cat.

I wasn't sure what kind of mother Lyric would make, but I have been pleasantly surprised as she has turned out to be an excellent Mom and produces large, healthy litters.

Lyric is a Grand Champion who produces many kittens with her pretty, moderate look and often with her bold and bossy personality. Lyric will always be special to me because she is the cat that came full circle back to me from Kitchin Cattery, where it all started.

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GC Chantalle's Savannah Brown


Savannah is the daughter of Giselle and Ratatat's Cool Choice (Known as CC) from Kentucky. When I picked up CC from the airport, he was purring and he didn't stop the entire time he was at my house.

I kept Savannah because I thought she was the cutest kitten I had ever bred and thought that she could become my first Grand Champion Burmese. I showed Savannah as a kitten, and then for well over a year as an adult before she did, indeed, become Chantalle's first Grand Champion.

Savannah will always be one of my favorite cats, not only because she is my first real show cat, but also because she has a very special personality. Savannah is extremely affectionate and will come when called no matter where she is in the house or what she is doing. Savannah greets me every day when I come home with happy somersaults and little rolls until she gets a pat or a kiss.

I am very grateful to Ratatat Cattery for sending their boy to me so that I could have such a very beautiful cat named Savannah Brown.

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RW, GC Bijouxcats Schoopie of Chantalle


Schoopie (AKA Schoop) is a cat that I never expected to have. I had been looking for a breeding female with more of the "show" look for some time as I had discovered that I enjoyed cat shows, yet rarely had show quality kittens. I had pretty much given up on someone selling me a show cat when I met Lou from Bijouxcats Cattery at a cat show in 1999. To my surprise, he did sell me Schoopie and I went on to show Schoop for the rest of the show season, which ended in April of 2000.

Schoopie ended up being a Regional Award Winner for that show season, which was wonderful, but the best part about showing Schoop was that she truly loved to be shown.

Schoop loves to give head-butts and never met a shoulder that she didn't love to snuggle into.

Special thanks go to Lou of Bijouxcats for letting me have such a beautiful, loving and special cat.

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GC Nutcracker's Solo Mio of Chantalle


After 8 years of breeding by taking my girls out to visit various boys, I decided it was time to have my own breeding boy. As anyone who breeds knows, "stud cats" are not easy to come by. I explored getting a boy via various avenues before Solo made his appearance at Nutcracker Cattery.

Solo is so named because he is the only surviving kitten from his litter. He had a bit of a rocky start with a Mom who didn't want to take care of her single remaining kitten, but Solo was a sturdy little fellow and he soon thrived and matured into a handsome boy.

Solo was eager to get an early start in "Studhood" and at a little over one year old started his career in a big way by siring his first litter of seven kittens!

Solo is a Grand Champion in CFA and has produced many beautiful and healthy kittens over the last few years. Many thanks go to Melinda of Nutcracker Cattery for her work in making sure that Solo survived and for sharing Solo and his lines with me.

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Chantalle's Necromancer


Necromancer is the son of Solo and Giselle. I really had no plans to keep another male cat at the time that Necromancer was born, but Mancer is kind of the cat that just somehow never left home.

Necromancer was fine at birth, but when his siblings were weaning, Necromancer just would not show any interest in food. At around 8-9 weeks of age, his mother no longer had interest in nursing Necromancer and he had no interest in eating on his own, so I decided to "tube feed" the baby until he would wean. Unfortunately, I had never fed such an old kitten this way and did not take into account that he had teeth. Necromancer bit and swallowed a huge section of his feeding tube and at the age of 10 weeks old had surgery to remove the tube from his stomach. The veterinarian only gave Necromancer a 40% chance of survival and even after the surgery he would not eat and actually had several seizures and lay limply on his side.

I forced soft food and formula down this kitten for weeks even though I was beginning to think that he should be put to sleep. Then one day several weeks after his surgery, Necromancer hopped up and starting eating and running around like a normal kitten. At this time I was calling this kitten "Surgery Boy" since I hadn't planned on keeping him and thus hadn't named him. Somewhere along the way, I must have decided to hold onto him as I named him Necromancer (which means to "dance with death") and have used him in my breeding program and have now started to bring him to cat shows as well.

I guess I still have Necomancer because I think of him as a little bit of a "miracle kitty" and when I see him so happy and handsome at a cat show I can't help but think of the little half-dead kitten laying on his side with his shaved belly covered in stitches and it makes me so proud of how far my little baby has come.

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