History of the Burmese

Wongmau2 Wongmau

The history of the Burmese dates back to the 1930's when Dr. Joseph Thompson of San Francisco brought back an attractive walnut-brown female from Burma which he named Wong Mau.

Today's Burmese can be traced back to this single brown cat making Wong Mau literally the "mother" of the Burmese breed in the United States.

While Burmese are not genetically related to Siamese, Siamese cats were used in early breedings to Wong Mau. Through selective breeding to Siamese, it was established that the Burmese is a distinct breed.

Lighter colored kittens were occasionally produced and eventually the American breeders requested recognition from CFA for these "dilute" colors; first, as another breed named Malayan, then later as a dilute division of Burmese. The four colors recognized by CFA are: sable, champagne, blue and platinum.

Through the diligent efforts of early breeders, the Burmese Cat was established as a breed that would win the hearts of many; a breed that would be unlike any other.

(Excerpts taken from NABB Burmese Breed Profile.)

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