While many people may be first attracted to the Burmese cat because of their gorgeous, sleek coats or soulful eyes, it is the incomparable Burmese personality that they ultimately fall in love with.

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Burmese kittens are quite lively and remain playful well into adult life.

Lap Cat
Burmese are real "lap cats" and are never more content than when they are curled up on top of a favorite person.

Shoulder Cat 1 Shoulder Cat 2
Burmese are often "shoulder kitties" and love to ride around on their owner's shoulders.

Burm Pair

In general, Burmese do not like to be left alone for long extended periods of time. If going to a home where nobody is home all day, it is suggested that you consider getting a pair of Burmese.

Window Pair

Burmese love to look out the window to view the outside world, however, they should never be let outdoors as they are entirely too trusting and have little, if any, survival instinct.

Burmese get along very well with children and are a good choice for such families.

Pets 1 Pets 2

Burmese get along well with other cats and will even tolerate the family dog. Be warned, very quickly the Burmese will be in charge of the other family pets.

tree 1 tree 2

Burmese love to climb and play on scratching posts of all sizes. It is a good idea to provide a scratching post for your Burmese.

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